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Prevent Plant 2019 / Additional Disaster Payments

June 4, 2019

There are several things floating around speculating the potential of additional monies available via the recently passed Disaster Relief bill in Congress. While some, none, or part of what is “floating around” may or may not be true we have to focus on what we know and also what we don’t know.

What we know:

  • Both the Senate and House did pass a Disaster Relief Bill which includes monies earmarked for crops affected from extremely wet conditions in the Mid-West.
  • This money is to include help for farmers who could not get crops planted.
  • These monies also are to help farmers and communities along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers who lost buildings, grain, livestock, and equipment.
  • The Bill also includes language to help others who have financial hardship from natural disasters going back 9 months.
  • Within the Bill 5.5 Billion goes for agricultural assistance.
  • While 5.5 Billion is significant, there are NO details as to how this will be divided up among those impacted. Nor do we have confirmation as to what requirements might be tied to qualifying for any payments.


What we DON’T know:

  • What if any additional coverage will be attached to prevent plant for those who had purchased crop insurance?
  • Will all producers qualify OR will a State or County need to be declared a “Disaster County”?
  • Where will payments come from, Crop Insurance or FSA ?
  • Will there be a cost IF prevent plant coverage is increased?


In summary, there are several articles stating prevent plant will increase to 70-90%, and we simply do NOT know this is the case at this time. Consider ALL the crops and areas affected going back 9 months. Think about ALL the non-approved program crops throughout all States. Also realistically consider the USDA wants to avoid ANY message which would sway planting intentions, or stop any attempt to plant if field conditions would allow and you elect to plant during the late plant period.

We will continue to monitor and post facts that we may learn of.

Thank You -   The Cornerstone Agency 

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